Regional News and Opinion Editor, PressProgress



The Broadbent Institute is seeking a Regional News and Opinion Editor, for PressProgress, an online news project of the Institute.

Reporting to the Program Director, the PressProgress Regional News and Opinion Editor works with the PressProgress Editor to plan, coordinate and create news content for the PressProgress website. This position is committed to ensuring high quality coverage of news items in regions of focus, and exploring and overseeing opportunities for PressProgress to develop opinion-based content.

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Federal Poverty Strategy Discounts Needs of Seniors

The Poverty Reduction Strategy announced by the federal government at the end of August proposes that an official Canadian poverty line be set for the first time and enshrined in legislation; and that official targets be set to reduce the poverty rate by 20% by 2020, and by 50% by 2030.

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U.S Federal Reserve’s blindspot means Canada’s eyes should be wide open

Since the 1980s, financial crises have erupted about once a decade. The last one erupted in 2008. And there are disturbing parallels between the 1980s debt crisis in Latin America, the 1990s financial crisis in Asia, and the deepening financial turmoil in emerging markets such as Turkey today. Which is why it is surprising that the subject of the next crisis was missing from this year’s agenda at the annual economic policy symposium, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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Combatting Doug Ford’s Iron Fist: Lessons from South America

Canadians are not used to iron-fist governments but Ontario’s new Premier Doug Ford’s early actions suggest that his government may well become the exception to the rule.

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