Statement by Executive Director Rick Smith on electoral reform report



OTTAWA--The Broadbent Institute congratulates members of the electoral reform committee for rolling up their sleeves and finding common ground on something so vital as Canada’s electoral system. This majority report is a road map for the Liberal government to make good on its clear and oft-repeated electoral reform promise. We now call on the Liberals to work with the other parties to design a path forward that finally brings Canadians the modern and effective voting system we deserve.

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The digital economy will not power a recovery


Economists and pundits are at odds over medium term prospects for the global economy. Pessimists see stagnant growth, rising inequality and growing unemployment and underemployment, widely held to be responsible for the rise of right-wing populists such as US President elect Donald Trump. 

Meanwhile, techno optimists such as Erik Bryjolfsson and Andrew McAfee, the authors of The Second Machine Age, argue that the digital economy will drive rapid productivity growth and underpin the gradual emergence of a post scarcity economy capable of providing prosperity for all.

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Broadbent Institute Executive Director Rick Smith available to comment on report of special electoral reform parliamentary committee



TORONTO—Executive Director Rick Smith is available to comment tomorrow on the final report of the special parliamentary committee on electoral reform, to be tabled in the House of Commons.

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CNN political contributor Van Jones to deliver keynote tomorrow on U.S. election



TORONTO — Van Jones will be coming to Toronto tomorrow to deliver a keynote address about the U.S. presidential election and what a Donald Trump presidency will mean for America and Canada.

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Ed Broadbent: Reflections on a life in politics, Donald Trump victory



Editor's Note: Ed Broadbent was awarded this year's Lifetime Achievement Award at Maclean's Parliamentary of the Year Awards. Here is his acceptance speech, delivered Tuesday night at an awards ceremony in Ottawa.

I want to thank Maclean’s for this award, for which I am deeply appreciative.  

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Whiteness trouble: the Left's challenge after Trump


The speed, scale and ferocity of racist attacks across the United States in the wake of Trump’s victory are revealing. Doubly revealing, in fact.

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Foreign investment not always a benefit



The federal government heeded the advice of the business dominated Economic Advisory Council and set out a new welcome mat for foreign investors in the recent  Economic Statement . The threshold for review of foreign take-overs of Canadian companies will be raised from $600 Million to $1 Billion (up from just $369 Million in 2015); a new agency, the Invest in Canada Hub, will be set up with a mandate to woo foreign corporations; and reviews of the security implications of foreign take-overs are likely to be limited.

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CNN political contributor and former Obama White House Advisor Van Jones to deliver keynote on U.S. election



TORONTO — Van Jones will be coming to Toronto on Nov. 22 to deliver a keynote address about the U.S. presidential election and what a Donald Trump presidency will mean for America and Canada.

Jones, a civil rights leader and CNN political contributor, emerged during the presidential campaign as a thought leader on the Trump phenomenon and what it means for the progressive movement.
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Government action to curb solitary confinement long overdue


Making a prisoner spend four years isolated in a plexiglass cell under the constant glare of artificial light is a form of custody that shocks Canadian sensibilities. It is difficult to believe that such cruel treatment was imposed on Adam Capay in a Thunder Bay detention centre – but it was.

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Liberal fiscal plan scales back "historic" infrastructure spending


The Trudeau government's fiscal plan as updated in the Fall Economic Statement meets a number of progressive commitments, but also raises a lot of questions about what can be expected of  the federal Budget to be tabled next March.

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