The economy is all of us: Community benefits organizing in Canada




The Broadbent Institute’s leadership development and training mission is to build backbone for left organizing in Canada. This takes on many forms, including training activists for campaigns. Increasingly we are aligning our organizational objectives, and that has opened new areas of leadership activity that focuses on our policy priorities: climate change, inequality and democratic renewal. This has led us to focus on supporting the development of a community benefits movement in Canada.

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Take Upbeat Economic News with a Pinch of Salt


On July 13th, the Bank of Canada modestly hiked interest rates and argued that the economy would be operating at full capacity by the end of this year. The International Monetary Fund recently said that Canada would lead growth among the big economies in 2017 as a global economic recovery finally begins to take hold.

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Ordinary Canadians Should Support Closing Private Corporation Tax Loophole



Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau is to be commended for cracking down on very high income taxpayers using private corporations to avoid paying their fair share of tax. He should shrug off predictable and self-serving criticism from business lobby groups, and deepen his resolve to promote progressive tax reform. 

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A New Day in BC



After more than a decade and a half of a punitive, regressive government, British Columbians finally have a government committed to addressing inequality, strengthening public services, taking action on climate, and cleaning up the way our democracy works.

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