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Inequality and inter-generational unfairness

There has been a great deal of recent media commentary on inter-generational unfairness, much of which misleadingly argues that affluent older Canadians are benefiting from current economic and social arrangements at the expense of youth.

Not to be misunderstood, young adults today are getting a raw deal when it comes to high levels of student debt, their immediate job market prospects compared to those of the baby boomers, and high housing prices.

The transition from education to stable and well-paid employment is much more prolonged and problematic than used to be the case...

Confessions of an idealistic democrat

I taught Canadian government for 30 years and over that time the course content traced the growing shift of power from Parliament to the executive branch and increasingly to the position of Prime Minister. 

I recall that most of my students paid very little attention to politics and topical political issues. In the years since, the erosion of Canadian democracy has continued at an accelerating rate and far too many Canadians – much like my former students – appear unaware of these developments or, worse still, indifferent to them.  

Why, I kept asking myself, is there not...

Beyond "throw the bums out" in Alberta: Why campaigns matter

Post-election punditry is as much about story-telling as it is analysis and so far pundits (especially conservative ones) have tended to tell one story –Albertans were angry at the PC government’s spending scandals and arrogance, and so "threw the bums out."

That’s only part of the story, and for the conservative-minded it’s the easiest part of the story to accept. It’s comforting to think of Alberta as a bastion of conservatism, where the recent government merely executed the agenda badly. But it's not sufficient to explain why the result was such a resounding mandate for the...