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Take a closer look: the (real) state of the Canadian middle class

A widely-reported study by the New York Times shows that middle-class Canadians now have higher after-tax incomes than middle-class Americans, and that Canadian middle-class incomes, adjusted for inflation, have been rising significantly over the past decade.

The facts cited in the original article are not in dispute. The median per-person income in the United States (half earn more and half earn less) has stagnated for the past decade, and the...

Profiting from the precarious: new report details recruitment abuse of migrant workers

As scandals about abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program break with increasing regularity, the spotlight still overlooks the exploitation that workers face just to get jobs under that program.

A new report from the Metcalf Foundation reveals that migrant workers regularly pay thousands of dollars in recruiting fees — equal to as much as two to three years’ wages in their home currency — to work in minimum wage jobs in Ontario. 

To pay the fees, workers must borrow from recruiters and informal money lenders.  They sign over the...

Don’t buy their numbers spin: corporations aren’t big tax contributors

The Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) have published  a major report undertaken by PwC Canada to assess the contribution to Canadian public finances of  their members. The report is based on data provided by sixty three participating member companies representing 40% of  Council members.

Not to put too fine a point on it, the report is clearly intended to leave...