The Equality Project

"I'm part of the majority"

This spring, we released powerful data confirming what so many already knew to be true: a majority of Canadians see income inequality as a "serious problem" and want to take part in government-led solutions to ending it. Our report created a lot of buzz. Check out some of the coverage and download our new paper, Towards a More Equal Canada.

You likely already know whether you fall into the infamous 1% or 99%, but where do you fit into these new stats?

  • 77% of Canadians deem income inequality a "serious problem"
  • 71% of us believe the widening income gap undermines Canadian values
  • 73% (including a majority of Conservative voters) support gradually increasing corporate tax rates

A majority of Canadians want government action on income inequality. If you're part of this clear majority, take action now:

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77% see income #inequality as a "serious problem" - are you part of the vast majority? Take action with the #EqualityProject:

73% support increasing corporate tax rates. I'm part of the majority, are you? Take action with the #EqualityProject:

83% support higher taxes for the richest among us. Are you in that majority? Take action with the #EqualityProject:

Most Canadians want government to take action to end #inequality. I'm proudly in the majority, are you? Take action with the #EqualityProject:

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