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Harper supporters avoiding special tax scrutiny: Broadbent Institute

David Akin / QMI Agency

OTTAWA — A left-leaning think-tank says right-leaning charities haven't been subjected to the same scrutiny of their political activities as have opponents of the Stephen Harper government.

The Broadbent Institute, an Ottawa-based group named in honour of former NDP leader Ed Broadbent, says its study...

Revenue Canada's political activity audits biased, think-tank says

Dean Beeby / CBC

The Broadbent Institute is calling for an independent probe of the Canada Revenue Agency, saying tax auditors are targeting critics of the Harper government while letting right-leaning groups off the hook.

The self-style "progressive" think-tank released a research report Tuesday citing recent public statements by 10 "right-leaning" or "conservative" charitable groups that it says are political, yet the groups...

Broadbent Institute raises new questions about bias in tax audits

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — A left-leaning think tank is raising new questions about the possibility of political interference in audits of charities.

The Broadbent Institute says a review of financial records from 10 right-leaning organizations show none of them report carrying out any political activities despite public statements which could be interpreted otherwise.


North-South Institute: We've lost a Canadian asset

Ed Broadbent, Paul Martin, Joe Clark and Joseph Ingram / The Globe and Mail

The recent closing of the North-South Institute as a result of discontinued federal government funding is a loss both for Canada and for the global community.

The daily dose of news – Ebola in West Africa, the rising incidence of terrorism in the Middle East and Africa, the millions of immigrants and refugees fleeing bad governance and poverty – is...

Harper’s economic record anything but good, a myth dispelled with facts

Lana Payne / The Telegram

As Stephen Harper clings to the myth of being a good economic manager, more and more evidence indicates that Canada’s Conservative government has little to write home about.

In fact, their economic record is less than “good” even taking into account the global financial crisis of 2008-09.


10% of Canadians hold half the wealth, report shows

Mia Rabson / Winnipeg Free Press

Nearly half the wealth in Canada sits in the hands of just 10 per cent of the people, a new report from the Broadbent Institute said Thursday.

Haves and Have Nots: Deep and Persistent Wealth Inequality in Canada uses data the Broadbent Institute purchased from Statistics Canada's survey of financial security, which was released last February.

Rick Smith, executive director of the Broadbent...

Rich getting richer & poor getting poorer, Broadbent Institute data shows

CBC News

The gap between people at the top of Canada's wealth pyramid and those at the bottom is widening and showing no signs of stopping, a major left-leaning think-tank says.

In a report out Thursday, the Broadbent Institute looked at the most recent Statistics Canada data on wealth levels of Canadians. The data agency typically divides the country into five groups of 20 per cent of the population, known as "...

Canada’s poor took big financial hit in recent years, report finds

Janet McFarland / The Globe and Mail

The poorest 10 per cent of Canadians saw their net worth fall by 150 per cent between 2005 and 2012 while Canada’s richest 10 per cent saw a huge increase in their net worth in the same period, a new report shows.

A wealth study by the Broadbent Institute shows poorer Canadians have watched their proportion of the country’s wealth decline in recent years, but also...

Canada's Wealth Gap Is Growing As Poor Get More In Debt: Report

Daniel Tencer / Huffington Post

Those rosy reports about Canadians’ net worth growing and the country's middle class being among the richest in the worldare masking growing inequality in the...

Canada's inequality growing: Stats Can

Dana Flavelle / Toronto Star

The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer in Canada, a new analysis of Statistics Canada data by an Ottawa-based think tank shows.

The study found that, much like the income gap, Canada’s wealth gap is also widening, the Broadbent Institute said in a statement Thursday.

“With much of the public debate focused on the growing problem of income



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