Online Leadership School



The Broadbent Institute Online Leadership School provides a new generation of leaders the skills and tools for winning progressive campaigns. 

Training modules and webinars on advocacy and organizing include:

 ·      Developing campaign plans and strategy

·       Grassroots organizing, volunteer recruitment and team-building

·       Digital organizing: using online tools to support offline action

·       Developing strong and inclusive progressive organizations



Building a Volunteer Base: How to Organize the Grassroots to Win Campaigns and Causes


Volunteer Mobilization: Case Study for Team Development

Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 3 PM EST

Presenter: Michal Hay 

Want to better understand the value and practice of moving people to action using grassroots organizing – whether it’s building an army of volunteers to act, persuading others to support your cause, or mobilizing your supporters? 

Join us for this case study to learn how to recruit, empower and deploy volunteers, and in so doing develop a massive base of support for your issue or election campaign. The case study will cover the ‘team model’ and its value, the ladder of engagement, and identifying, recruiting, and training volunteer leaders. This is a chance to explore the best way to scale your campaign, build your lists – and win!


We have reached full capacity for this webinar, video of the training will be made available on this page once it has been recorded, sign up below for notification: