Miles Corak

Miles Corak is a full professor of economics with University of Ottawa, where he has worked since 2007. His research has focused on inequality and social mobility, child poverty, unemployment, and access to university education.

Before joining the University of Ottawa Professor Corak was a member of the senior management at Statistics Canada, and has also been a visiting researcher with the UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre, the Centre for Longitudinal Studies at the University of London, the Office of Population Research at Princeton University, and the Russell Sage Foundation.


Miles Corak est un professeur de l'économie à l'Université d'Ottawa.

Une biographie sera bientôt disponible.

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  • Miles Corak: Inequality and life chances


    While it is now only just over a year since the Occupy Wall Street movement began to draw attention to the wide and growing gulf between the 1% and the 99%, many have been quick to dismiss its staying power. After all, it was pointed out from the very beginning that the Occupy movement really did not have much to offer in terms of concrete policy proposals. Asked by the Wall Street Journal last October about his views on OWS, Martin Feldstein, the prominent Harvard economist, could only say: “I can’t figure out what that’s all about…I haven’t seen what they’re asking for.”

    But the vagueness OWS projects in terms of its policy proposals is hardly a basis for dismissing its significance.

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