Minelle Mahtani

Minelle is an Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto.

Biography forthcoming.


Minelle est professeure associée dans le Département de la géographie et de la planification à l'Université de Toronto.

Sa biographie sera bientôt disponible.

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  • Do you see yourself in those who shape the news?


    Column space in Canadian newspapers remains dominated by middle-aged white males – even while our communities become increasingly more diverse.

    Dylan Robertson, a freelance journalist, recently published a piece on J-Source citing a survey that showed new evidence of distorted age and gender representation among Canada’s newspapers columnists.

    Seventy three percent of the 339 news and general-interest commentators at 76 English-language daily newspapers looked at in the survey were male at an average age of 58. Women weighed in as the clear minority, numbering only 27% for both national and regional columnists.

    The statistics are disappointing, but they should not be surprising.

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