On our 5th anniversary, the Broadbent Institute is proud of all we’ve accomplished to advance progressive change in Canada and excited about the work ahead.

To fuel progress, you must win. We set our minds to winning in all facets of our work — research and policy proposals to advance progressive change, real-time news and analysis to showcase why conservative ideas aren’t the answer, and a state-of-the-art training and leadership program to equip the next generation of progressive leaders with the campaign skills to make a real difference in communities across the country.

It’s been a great start. Join us and our founder, Ed Broadbent, as we move forward over the next five years. Let’s fuel progress together.


Number of awards we've founded in honour of social democratic icons Charles Taylor and the late Jack Layton.

Past winners of the Charles Taylor Prize for Excellence in Policy Research, awarded annually to a researcher whose work has made an important contribution to policy debates relevant to building a more socially just Canada, include Taylor himself and Leah Vosko, a specialist in the study on precarious work. The Jack Layton Progress Prize, awarded annually to an individual or organization who has run a particularly noteworthy political or issue campaign reflecting the ideals exemplified by Layton, including justice, sustainability and democracy, has gone to the February 14th Women's Memorial March Committee and Jill Piebiak of Canadian Menstruators.


Number of offices we now have.

In Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Because we don’t just work in the Ottawa bubble.


Number of staff at the Institute.

Up from just 1 when we launched in 2011.


Number of major events held outside of the nation’s capital.

In cities across the country showcasing inspiring leaders, including Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, Canada’s oldest rebel and Second World War veteran Harry Leslie Smith, and Manitoba MLA Wab Kinew.


Number of significant original studies we’ve published.

Authored by leading progressive minds in Canada, our research has changed how Canadians and policy makers think about some of the biggest issues of our day.

This includes inequality, taxation, housing, workers’ rights, climate policy, youth unemployment, retirement security, infrastructure, inclusive growth and innovation, and electoral reform. Our work on income splitting and Tax Free Savings Accounts has been especially effective at changing government policy.


Number of Broadbent Institute Leadership and Policy Fellows.

Top campaigners and thought leaders in Canada that help inform the training and policy work we do.


Number of presenters and panelists from around the world and across Canada who have spoken at our annual Progress Summit.

Canada’s largest annual progressive politics conference, launched in 2013, has included feminist icon Gloria Steinem, former Australia Prime Minister Julia Gillard, economist Mariana Mazzucato, world renowned philosopher Charles Taylor, indigenous leader Cindy Blackstock, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, writer Jeet Heer, Feminist Frequency founder Anita Sarkeesian, former French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, Quebec activist Gabriel Nadeau Dubois, and many others.


Number of organizations we’ve partnered with to champion progressive change.


Number of blog posts published from leading scholars and campaigners.


Number of stories published by PressProgress,

Our hard-hitting progressive news site launched in October 2013 is already “changing the political reporting landscape,” according to The Canadian Press.


Number of people who have participated in our leadership and training sessions in communities across Canada. 

This includes 51 organizers who have attended our intensive Camp Progress offered in partnership with 270 Strategies, 15 of whom have gone to the U.S. for a campaign placement. We’ve also just launched our new Online Leadership School, and 100 are participating in our first in-depth webinar series in the fall of 2016.

This new generation of leaders is already making a real difference. Camp Progress alumni Jill Piebiak led – and won -- the national No Tax on Tampons campaign. Other program alumni are working as organizers, political staff and leading progressive campaigns across Canada.


Number of people who’ve attended our annual Progress Summit in Ottawa.

Since our first one in 2013 —  dubbed by iPolitics as “one of the most important events on the Ottawa calendar.”


Number of people we’ve brought together at our events held outside Ottawa.


Number of views of our wealth gap video.

Narrated by Ed Broadbent, the video shows just how much Canadians underestimate the wealth gap in Canada and want a much more balanced distribution.


Number of people we reach, on average, every week on Twitter and Facebook.


Number of views on our 2015 election video Can’t Wait.

Dubbed by Huffington Post as the campaign’s “funniest get out the vote message.”

9 million

Number of times people have gone online to check out our blog posts and groundbreaking research.

Visit www.broadbentinstitute.ca or read the articles at the Institute’s news project, www.pressprogress.ca.

Here’s to many more years of progress