About Our Programs

Camp Progress

Delivered by experienced campaigners and trainers, our two-day Camp Progress training program helps organizations and individuals develop concrete skills, including the ability to create a compelling public narrative, build and maintain effective teams, and develop organizing/campaign strategies that are effective in creating change. These core strategic and leadership skills are supplemented with other training modules on advocacy and organizing, as outlined in the “Progress Skills” section below.

To see if there’s a Camp Progress already planned for your area, check out our Online and Upcoming Sessions.

Progress Skills

  • We offer a variety of training modules on advocacy and organizing skills, such as:
  • Evaluating, developing, and planning campaign and advocacy tactics
  • Effective communication and media relations
  • Digital organizing: using online tools to support offline action
  • Data management: collecting and using information to drive smart organizing
  • Volunteer recruitment, training, and retention
  • Organizational management: delegation and accountability
  • Planning and executing effective fundraising campaigns
  • Election campaign skills



270 Strategies

270 Strategies is a consulting firm headed by Mitch Stewart and Jeremy Bird, key campaign leaders in President Obama's historic campaigns in 2008 and 2012. 270 helps organizations build winning campaigns that integrate people-centered, grassroots organizing with smart digital strategies and a data driven approach.

Using the lessons learned from years leading the Obama organization, 270 helped the Broadbent Institute design innovative training programs, and put progressive ideas into action. 270 Strategies was born of the basic belief that grassroots campaigns can change the world, and worked with the Broadbent Institute to develop training programs that will support successful progressive campaigns in Canada.


Next Up

Next Up is a growing network of social change leaders across western Canada. The program is a partnership between several organizations with region specific partnerships that help make the program happen in each region.

One of the goals of NU is to build and support a network of young social change leaders across Western Canada. NU grads are off working on inspiring and amazing projects all over Canada and other parts of the world. The network is a way for the alumni to stay in touch and to work with each other and a way for them to support the current program participants. The network consists of over 100 grads from the first 4 years of NU.