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Statement from Ed Broadbent on the departure of Alejandra Bravo

After seven years at the Broadbent Institute, Alejandra will leave the organization at the end of September.

As Director of Leadership and Training, Alejandra helped built the backbone for progressive organizing in Canada. She led the Institute’s campaigns for electoral reform, has led countless workshops and training sessions for progressives across the country and was the Director of the Power Lab, a joint project between the Broadbent Institute and the Atkinson Foundation, which built capacity for local organizing. Most recently, Alejandra curated the 2022 Progress Summit, our first in-person Summit since the pandemic began. Her work in this role brought together the different corners of the progressive community and helped us know each other and work better together. 

I want to thank Alejandra for her commitment to the progressive movement the power that we can have when we work as a collective. On behalf of the board and staff, I say a Big Thank You and wish you all the best. 

- Ed Broadbent, founder