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Is Canada facing a new financial crisis?


Leading progressive academic economist Steve Keen gained international recognition after he successfully predicted the 2007 global crisis using an alternative macro-economic model built on the pioneering work of Hyman Minsky and Wynne Godley. His new book, “Can we avoid another financial crisis?” argues that the lessons of the crash have still not been learned by the economic policy mainstream, and that a new crisis looms for some highly indebted countries, including Canada.

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Why the Nordic social democratic model can’t be implemented from Ottawa


The Broadbent Institute's new project, Change the Game, takes a critical look at the history of social democracy in Canada, with the intention of learning from the successes and challenges of the past in order to build the best possible path forward. We invite you to join us in rethinking and renewing social democracy by reading other entries in this series.

It’s common for Canadian social democrats to model themselves after the so-called Nordic countries—Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Those societies have achieved a high degree of social solidarity, economic prosperity and personal freedom. They have strong educational outcomes, lower levels of inequality and good health. They have an internationalist outlook. They are happy.

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Challenging the Economic Dogma of a “Natural” Unemployment Rate


On July 13th, the Bank of Canada began to tighten monetary policy, arguing that the economy would be operating at full capacity by the end of this year. This action was guided more by the economic dogma of a “natural” unemployment rate crafted by Milton Friedman back in the 1970s than by hard evidence of a looming increase in inflation. 

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The economy is all of us: Community benefits organizing in Canada




The Broadbent Institute’s leadership development and training mission is to build backbone for left organizing in Canada. This takes on many forms, including training activists for campaigns. Increasingly we are aligning our organizational objectives, and that has opened new areas of leadership activity that focuses on our policy priorities: climate change, inequality and democratic renewal. This has led us to focus on supporting the development of a community benefits movement in Canada.

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Take Upbeat Economic News with a Pinch of Salt


On July 13th, the Bank of Canada modestly hiked interest rates and argued that the economy would be operating at full capacity by the end of this year. The International Monetary Fund recently said that Canada would lead growth among the big economies in 2017 as a global economic recovery finally begins to take hold.

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Ordinary Canadians Should Support Closing Private Corporation Tax Loophole



Federal Minister of Finance Bill Morneau is to be commended for cracking down on very high income taxpayers using private corporations to avoid paying their fair share of tax. He should shrug off predictable and self-serving criticism from business lobby groups, and deepen his resolve to promote progressive tax reform. 

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The case for raising the minimum wage


Due to the strong lobbying efforts of labour and social activists, Canada's minimum wage floor is rising significantly from the current level of between $11 and $12 per hour depending upon the province. A new norm of $15 per hour will be in place, in Alberta by October, 2018, in Ontario by January, 2019, and very likely in British Columbia under the terms of the NDP-Green Party agreement.

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Dispatches from Broadbent's 2017 Public Policy Interns


This summer, the Broadbent Institute welcomed two Public Policy Interns to our Vancouver and Ottawa offices: Chuka Ejeckam and Somaya Amiri. The internships are one way we are building the leadership capacity of a new generation of progressive leaders. In addition to learning practical skills, working on the day to day work of the Institute, both Chuka and Somaya are being mentored through their own independent research projects. Learn more about them and their projects below.

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Seven progressive changes coming to BC


On June 22, the BC Legislature reconvened and Premier Christy Clark tabled a curious Throne Speech which bore little resemblance to the platform her BC Liberal party ran on just weeks before.

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The best way to celebrate Canada Day


As Canada Day gifts go, Parliament’s adoption earlier this month of a bill prohibiting discrimination against transgender Canadians and affording them protection against hate crimes stands out.

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