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Poverty strategy requires more resources and more ambitious goals


Though not a complete solution, the Poverty Reduction Strategy announced by the federal government at the end of August marks a step forward in Canadian social policy. It is proposed that an official Canadian poverty line be set for the first time and enshrined in legislation; that official targets be set to reduce the poverty rate by 20% by 2020, and by 50% by 2030; and that there be annual monitoring of progress towards the target.

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Implementing a Disability Justice Framework: An Interview with Sarah Jama, Co-founder of the Disability Justice Network of Ontario

It’s just not about access to space; I have the right to exist and the right to be free as a person with a disability, as the way that I am.“ — Sarah Jama, co-lead of the Disability Justice Network of Ontario. 

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Doug Ford’s decision to slash Toronto City Council is a call to action for progressives

Some characterize Premier Ford’s disruption of Toronto’s city council elections as an abuse of power; but I would say he’s using the power of his office in a majority government to advance a specific set of interests – exactly why he vied for that power in the first place. The self-styled man “for the people” wants to prevent the people from using our democratic process to achieve material changes in their lives.

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Talk of “the end of jobs” hides real labour market issues

There is a lot of talk these days about the end of jobs and the decimation of traditional employment due to rapid technological change, the much feared rise of the robots, and the emergence of new and more insecure forms of work in the so-called gig economy. But the statistics suggest that the extent of real change in the job market to date has been greatly exaggerated by many pundits.

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U.S.-China spat offers chance for realignment of global trade order

This article originally appeared in the Globe & Mail

What kind of new global order do Canadians want to shape? 

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There should be a fully independent public inquiry to prevent any repeat of the injustice done to Hassan Diab

This Article originally appeared in the Globe & Mail.

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Broadbent Reads: Trumpocracy by David Frum

In David Frum’s recently published book, Trumpocracy –  The Corruption of the American Republic, Frum explores the conditions that allowed for President Donald Trump to take over the oval office. However, Frum seems to have missed the mark, by failing to appropriately cite the rise of inequality and neo-liberalism as the primary drivers of Trump’s victory.   

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The Power Lab - Strengthening local organizing for fair economies

Introducing the Power Lab, led by Broadbent Institute’s Director of Leadership & Training, Alejandra Bravo.

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The problem with cities asking for a share of the marijuana tax

This article originally appeared in Maclean's on December 21st, 2017. 
Brittany Andrew-Amofah is the Broadbent Institute's Senior Policy Research Analyst.

Municipalities’ requests for marijuana money to bolster police budgets will require a hard look at the impact of the drug’s criminalization.


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Don’t let supply management myths spoil the milk

This article originally appeared in the Globe & Mail.

The way Canadian dairy farmers are portrayed in the NAFTA debate might lead you to believe they drive Porsches to the milking barns. Farmers who own quota in our food system, where dairy along with poultry fall under supply management, are often portrayed as a lobby group rather than people we rely on for food security.

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