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  • Digital Campaigner

    Position Summary and Core Expectations

    The Broadbent Institute is seeking a Digital Campaigner to develop and execute comprehensive digital campaigns to help achieve the organization’s communications, advocacy and fundraising goals. Reporting to the Program Director and the Development Director,  the Digital Campaigner will work in collaboration with the fundraising, communications and campaign teams.

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  • Patricia Thompson


    Pat Thompson is the Senior Advisor to the Atkinson Charitable Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2014,  Pat was a consultant to leaders responsible for mature nonprofit organizations facing adaptive challenges.  Pat began her career on Parliament Hill in 1981. She worked first for her hometown MP and later for the Minister of State (Youth) and the Minister of National Health and Welfare. From 1988 to 2000, Pat worked for YMCA Canada and the YMCA of Greater Vancouver in senior roles. She has been a Metcalf Foundation Innovation Fellow and was a Visiting Scholar at Massey College (University of Toronto).

  • Bill Knight


    The current president of Hebb, Knight and Associates, Bill Knight has Director, Institute of Corporate Directors designation. Member of Parliament for Assiniboia (1971-74), he was notably the Chief Whip for the 1972-74 minority Parliament. Bill was also President and CEO of the Credit Union Central of Canada (1995- 2001). Bill has been a board member for the Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company, Citizens Bank of Canada, and Assuris. Bill is also a member of the Irish Central Bank’s advisory board, and he plays an advisory role for the World Bank Global Program on Consumer Protection. In 2002, Bill was awarded the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal for excellence in public service.

  • Dawn Black



    The former Assistant Deputy Speaker of the BC Legislature, Dawn was MLA for New Westminster from 2009 until 2013. She was interim Official Opposition Leader from January until April 2011. Previously the MP for New Westminster–-Burnaby (1988-1993) and for New Westminster–-Coquitlam (2006-09), Dawn is nationally recognized for advocacy on behalf of women, families, and the underprivileged.

    Dawn initiated the successful Private Members’ Bill to recognize December 6th as a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women and was instrumental in the introduction of Canada’s anti-stalking legislation. She has extensive experience as an international development trainer. Dawn is also a past Board Member of Habitat for Humanity – Greater Vancouver and the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

  • Andrew Jackson


    Andrew Jackson is the Broadbent Institute's Senior Policy Advisor.

    In September, 2012 he retired from a long career as Chief Economist and Director of Social and Economic Policy with the Canadian Labour Congress.

    In 2011, he was awarded the Sefton Prize by the University of Toronto for his lifetime contributions to industrial relations. Educated at the University of British Columbia and the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he earned a B. Sc. and an M.Sc. in Economics, Andrew is the author of numerous articles and five books, including Work and Labour in Canada: Critical Issues, which is now in its second edition with Canadian Scholars Press.

  • Joshua Bizjak


    613-688-2071 Ext.212

    Josh offers years of business and political experience to the Broadbent Institute. Previously bringing his entrepreneurial experience to the head office of Ontario’s New Democrats as their Fundraising Manager and the Head of Labour and Corporate Relations, Josh’s direction each year helped to eclipse previous revenue milestones and set new financial benchmarks. 

    Josh has managed fundraising programs for campaigns at every level of politics and seen his candidates elected and debt free. Josh prides himself on his outreach a wide array of stakeholders to assist in the advancement of a progressive agenda.  Outside of politics Josh is well-regarded fundraising consultant in the NGO sector specializing in capacity building and revenue diversification.

  • Alejandra Bravo


    Alejandra Bravo is the Director of Leadership and Training at the Broadbent Institute, where she builds backbone for progressive organizing in Canada. She is also the Director of the Power Lab, a new leadership learning initiative focused on local organizing for a fair economy. Active in the community benefits movement, she supports leaders working to build campaigns and coalitions organizing for economic opportunities for historically disadvantaged and equity-seeking groups. Alejandra contributes to movement building as a facilitator, trainer, mentor and strategist with various social change efforts. Previously she was Manager of Leadership and Learning at Maytree, where she designed and delivered political and civic training for emerging and diverse leaders. Alejandra has a 25-year history of working for progressive social change with grassroots, immigrant, and labour groups. She has worked as a community organizer, political staff and has been a City Council candidate in Toronto.

  • Jeremy Bird: organizing to win in your community

    On December 7 2013, Jeremy Bird, Barack Obama's National Field Director during the 2012 presidential election, gave a keynote speech on the fundamentals of community-based organizing to the Broadbent Institute's Municipal Political Action Conference

    Jeremy helped to build a people-powered election campaign based on strong volunteer organizing that propelled Barack Obama back to the White House.

    About the Instructor/Host

    Jeremy Bird is a founding partner at 270 Strategies and a longtime grassroots organizer with broad experience across domestic and international politics, labor, and policy. He helped launch 270 Strategies after serving most recently as the National Field Director for the 2012 re-election campaign of President Barack Obama, where he had primary responsibility for building a nationwide army of staff and volunteer organizers. Dubbed the campaign’s "Field General" by Rolling Stone magazine, Jeremy was listed among "The Obama Campaign’s Real Heroes" and has been cited as "a former Harvard divinity student who took to political organizing as though it were his higher calling." He is credited with helping establish a ground game and turnout machine that in 2012 "reproduced – through brute force, dedication and will – a turnout in the swing states that in some cases bested the campaign's remarkable performance of four years ago."

    June 01, 2030 at 12pm

  • Mitch Stewart on getting into politics

    Session Overview

    Saskatoon Change Makers, organized by Upstream and the Broadbent Institute, was an an evening of discussion and inspiration that considered the best ways to bring about positive change in the city of Saskatoon!

    Mitch Stewart, principal at 270 Strategies, and President Obama's former Battleground States Director spoke to the crowd about how he got involved in politics.

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    January 31, 2030 at 8pm
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  • Brian Topp


    Brian Topp recently completed a two-year stint as chief-of-staff to Alberta Premier Rachel Notley. During this period the Government of Alberta introduced a $15 minimum wage; appointed a gender-balanced Cabinet; replaced a system of regressive flat taxes with a progressive income tax system; laid out a responsible fiscal plan that rejected austerity; implemented an ambitious jobs plan; reformed the royalty system; ended predatory lending practices while strengthening the credit union system and ATB, Alberta's publicly-owned bank; and implemented a climate change leadership plan -- among many other important reforms. He is proud of all of this. He previously served as deputy chief-of-staff to Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow (not a bad list of accomplishments there, too). He has worked as a public affairs consultant and in the labour movement, and in a number of senior roles with the New Democratic Party of Canada under four leaders (Broadbent, McLaughlin, McDonough, and Layton). He is a graduate of McGill University, and was born and raised in Montreal.

  • Canadian Electoral Reform - Public Opinion on Possible Alternatives


    The landmark survey commissioned by the Broadbent Institute is the first study of its kind and size to measure Canadians’ attitudes about voting system design and preference for electoral reform. The research, conducted by Abacus Data, found Canadians want the new government to keep its promise to change the voting system by an almost two to one margin and a larger margin prefers a proportional system to ranked ballots. Voting with a preferential ballot would have produced an even larger false majority in the 2015 Canadian General Election, the study also found.


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  • Canadians want the new government to keep its promise to change voting system by almost two to one margin



    OTTAWA — Most Canadians think the way members of Parliament are elected needs to change and a system of proportional representation is the most preferred alternative, a landmark Canadian survey has found.

    The large national survey of 2,986 Canadians conducted November 3 to 6 by Abacus Data for the Broadbent Institute is the first study of its kind and size to measure Canadians’ attitudes about voting system design and preference for electoral reform. The large sample allowed for robust estimates across regional, demographic and political subgroups. The Abacus study also asked those who voted in the 2015 Canadian General Election to rank a ballot that included the main political parties and generated data for 11 regions to estimate, with increased precision, the outcome of the Canadian election had it been run under different electoral systems.

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