Broadbent Fellows

Broadbent Institute Fellows are a diverse, multidisciplinary group of distinguished scholars, policy experts, and leaders from the Canadian business community and civil society. They inform the Institute’s research and policy agenda and contribute their knowledge and analysis to further the Institute’s efforts to impact public debate in support of progressive change.


Expertise: professeure adjointe @commonlawfr associée @broadbent collabore avec des étudiantes brillantes à @equalitylawCA Aime le fromage & les jours de plai...
Expertise: Economic Inequality, Labour markets, Political Economy, Unemployment / Chômage, Économie politique, Inégalité économique, Marchés du travail
Expertise: Gender & Politics, Journalism, Mixed-Race Identity, Racialization / Genre & la politique, Identité multiraciale, Journalisme, Racialisation
Expertise: UCL Professor, Director of Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose. Author of Entrepreneurial State; Value of Everything.
Expertise: NDP, Social Democracy, Political Marketing, Elections / NPD, Social-démocratie, Marketing politique, Élections
Expertise: Campaign strategy, Data management, Political geography, Voter contact / Contact électoral, Géographie politique, Gestion informatique, Stratégie é...
Expertise: Human Rights, Immigration/Migration Policy, Labour & Employment Law, Organizational Diversity & Inclusion, Unions / Changement organisationnel, Div...
Expertise: Environmental Law, Political Ecology / Écologie, Écologie politique
Expertise: Facilitation, Organizing, Training, Youth engagement / Engagement des jeunes, Facilitation, Formation, L'organisation
Expertise: Communications, Digital strategy, Issue campaigns, Organizational change / Enjeux des campagnes, Changement organisationnel, Communications, Straté...
Expertise: Economic Inequality, Social & Public Policy / Inégalité économique, Politique publique & sociale
Expertise: Indigenous law & governance / Droits des autochtones, Gouvernance
Expertise: Social Economy / Économie sociale
Expertise: Professor of Economics at Dalhousie University, Author of "The Age of Increasing Inequality"
Expertise: Race, Racism, Inequality, Policing, Criminal justice, Drug policy / Race; Racisme; Inégalité; Services de police; Justice pénale; Politique en mati...
Expertise: Organisational Change; Mobilisation; Youth Engagement - Facilitation / Changement organisationnel; Mobilisation - Engagement des jeunes; Animation
Expertise: Environment, global environmental politics, Political Economy / Économie politique, Environnement
Expertise: Campaign strategy, Fundraising, Public opinion polling, Voter contact / Levées de fonds, Sondages d'opinion publique, Stratégie électorale
Expertise: Indigenous rights / Droits des autochtones
Expertise: Grassroots field organizing, leadership development, narrative, train-the-trainer, curriculum development, campaign planning. / Développement du le...
Expertise: Disability Rights, Indigenous Rights, Social & Public Policy / Droits des autochtones, Politique publique & sociale
Expertise: Civil rights, systemic racism, anti-black racism, anti police brutality, economic inequality, culture and environment. / Documentariste, journalist...
Expertise: Transitional justice, post-conflict reconstruction, human rights /
Expertise: Family MD | Asst Prof | earnest policy type | | he/him
Expertise: Environment, Green economy / Environnement
Expertise: Online fundraising, digital organizing, political campaigns / Levées de fonds en ligne, Organisation numérique, Campagnes politiques
Expertise: Indigenous Rights, Intergovernmental Relations, Social Exclusion & Inclusion / Droits des autochtones, Inclusion & exclusion sociale, Multicultural...
Expertise: Ideology, international relations, political philosophy, Political Science / Sciences politiques
Expertise: Campaign strategy, Communications, Electoral campaigns / Campagnes électorales, Communications, Stratégies électorales
Expertise: Human Rights, International Law, Transitional Justice, Diasporic Trauma, Healing and Reconciliation, India-Canada Relations / .