Broadbent Institute praises founding Executive Director Kathleen Monk

Broadbent Institute names Ms. Monk Honourary Board Member

OTTAWA—In recognition of her outstanding service as founding Executive Director and Senior Advisor, the Broadbent Institute is pleased to name Kathleen Monk as its first Honourary Board Member.

The Institute made the appointment as Ms. Monk announced her plans to pursue other professional opportunities in April. In her role as an Honourary Board Member, she will continue to advise the Institute.

“When we started the Broadbent Institute in 2011, we had ambitious goals. As founding Executive Director, I worked to build a solid financial foundation so our organization could grow into a powerful voice for progressive Canadians,” said Monk. “We strove to make the Institute a highly visible presence to change the political conversation in Canada. Following the successes of events like the Progress Gala and the recent Progress Summit, it’s clear that the Institute is now achieving these aims.”

The Board of Directors and staff at the Institute expressed their thanks to Ms. Monk for her leadership and dedication.

“Kathleen has done tremendous work on behalf of the Institute and we wish her all the best in the future. Her tenacity and vision have been a big part of the Institute’s success. I’m sorry to see her leaving her day-to-day role but am very happy that Kathleen will be able to continue her affiliation with us as an Honourary Board Member,” said Ed Broadbent, Institute Chair.

Monk’s successor, Executive Director Rick Smith, said: “It’s been a privilege to work alongside Kathleen. Her passion and commitment for making our country a better place are infectious. The Institute will continue to benefit from her collaboration and expert advice on an ongoing basis.”

“On a personal basis, I want to express my deep and personal thanks to Ed Broadbent and his partner Ellen Wood. I am also deeply grateful to past and present members of the Board and Institute colleagues,” said Monk. “My heartfelt thanks also go out to all the progressives across the country who supported the Broadbent Institute from day one. With their unique contributions, small and large, they have helped  shape the Institute into a strong voice for a more inclusive, fair and just Canada,” concluded Monk.


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