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Budget 2023 Reaction: Capital Gains Taxes with Professor Rhys Kesselman

It’s Federal Budget Day 2023, and it’s tax season, and among the spending and revenue measures being proposed by the Liberal government are changes to capital gains taxes. Director of Policy and Engagement Clement Nocos chats with Professor Jonathan Rhys Kesselman, reacting to changes and missing measures in Federal Budget 2023 for a fairer capital gains taxation system. 

Ahead of Budget 2023, much speculation had been made about capital gain reforms, and to help us make sense of this, I’m joined by Broadbent Policy Fellow Professor Rhys Kesselman, Professor Emeritus at Simon Fraser University.

Professor Kesselman is a frequent commentator on issues of public finance, taxation, and economic policy, and wrote a new paper in March 2023 for Finances of the Nation, a Canadian Tax Foundation publication, looking at pathways to reform of capital gains taxation in Canada. Listen to the full conversation.

Read his latest paper, Pathways to reform of capital gains taxation in Canada, published March 2023 in Finances of the Nation.