Call on Provinces to Freeze Rents, Offer Subsidies, and Prevent Evictions

Renters who’ve seen their income drop or disappear due to the Coronavirus Pandemic are under threat. Many already faced challenges paying rent in some of Canada’s skyrocketing real estate markets, and the economic hit of the Pandemic could end up pushing thousands out of their homes. The new federal income support programs help, but the bills are still piling up.

It’s time for our provinces to step up! While most have temporarily banned evictions, more must be done.

Freeze Rents

Provinces should mandate rent freezes across the board. There should be no rent increases (automatic or otherwise) during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Offer Rent Subsidies

Provinces should offer adequate rent subsidies to anyone struggling to pay rent while their income is impacted by COVID-19.f

Prevent Evictions

Temporary eviction bans aren’t enough. Provinces must set up renter assistance programs that support renters facing debt from deferred payments or continued income shortages to ensure no one loses their home due to COVID-19 once the ban is lifted.

Will you sign?