Clare Demerse

Based in Ottawa, Clare Demerse is a senior policy advisor with Clean Energy Canada, which is working to acerbate Canada’s transition to a clean energy future. Clare manages Clean Energy Canada's policy engagement on federal and national issues, focusing on renewable energy and sustainable transportation. Before joining Clean Energy Canada, Clare worked on federal climate policy with the Pembina Institute and was a Gordon Foundation Global Fellow. Clare holds a master’s degree in journalism from Carleton University in Ottawa.


Basée à Ottawa, Clare Demerse est conseillère politique principale à Clean Energy Canada, un organisme qui vise à exacerber la transition vers un futur qui favorise l'énergie propre au Canada. Clare gère les relations politiques de Clean Energy Canada qui touchent les échelles fédérales et nationales en mettant l'accent sur l'énergie renouvellable et le transport durable. Avant de se joindre à Clean Energy Canada, Clare avançait la politique climatique fédérale de l'Institut Pembina tout en étant une associée globale de la Fondation Gordon. Clare détient une maîtrise en journalisme de l'Université Carleton à Ottawa.

Posts & Activities by Clare Demerse

  • Where is Canada's (clean) energy strategy?


    Premiers have been working on collaborative energy strategies in one form or another since 2007, and their energy conversation now looks like it’s poised to continue for another year. But despite its frequent appearance on the Council of the Federation’s agenda, it’s fair to ask why Canada needs a national strategy for energy at all.

    Any kind of Canada-wide “strategy” risks sounding like more talk than action. And with Canada often described as an energy powerhouse — boasting not just the world’s third largest oil reserves but the world’s third largest hydropower generation capacity — what would a strategy add that we’re not already doing?

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  • Ottawa's oil and gas sitcom


    Just when you thought things couldn’t get any slower, Ottawa has yet another rationale for delaying greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations for oil and gas companies. Worryingly, this one comes straight from the top.

    In a year-end interview with Global News, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that he hasn’t introduced regulations to curb GHG emissions from oil and gas production because he wants to move at the same pace as the United States.

    In the prime minister’s words, oil and gas “is an integrated sector continentally …our government is certainly prepared to work with the United States on a regulatory regime that will bring our emissions down.  But I think this would be best done if we could do this in concert with our major trading partner, given as I say it is a seamless industry in North America. So that’s what I’m hoping we’ll be able to do over the next couple of years.”

    Over the next couple of years?

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