Democratic Renewal



To reverse the hollowing out of democracy, Canada must restore faith in the system and renew public engagement in the political process. This means reforming democratic institutions so that they are open, accountable and responsive. It means restoring honest, rigorous policy debate, advocating for more formal representation of women and minority groups, and challenging the retreat of government from investing in our communities.


Stephen Harper's CRA

There's mounting evidence suggesting that CRA political-activity audits are being used as a politicized tool to exert pressure on critics of the government. This report examines publicly available CRA tax filings of 10 right-leaning charities and cross-referenced these with their publicly available work. The results are revealing.   Download Stephen Harper's CRA... Read more

Download the Report:

Download Stephen Harper's CRA



An Electoral System for All


Media Representation Needed for a Healthy Democracy

For Black History Month, the Institute launched a policy series highlighting bold policy solutions in order to tackle anti-Black racism, focusing on the need for intergovernmental action. Each submission proposes a plan...


Defending democracy in the age of social media

Digital and social media technologies are transforming democratic society. But even as technologies changes how we do things, they reproduce old problems in new forms. Hacking, trolling, micro-targeting, and the...