2020 Digital Convening Series

Now is a time for all of our best ideas.

The Broadbent Institute is focused on creating the space to engage a Canada-wide progressive audience in critical political and economic debates. In this moment of a global health crisis, where governments are acting quickly and “nothing is off the table”, we need to be ready to undertake policy discussions with creativity and boldness. 

The inherent inequities of our systems and structures are exacerbated and exposed by this pandemic. Our ability to respond and minimize harm in the face of COVID-19 is inhibited by decades of adherence to an economic model that is unjust, unsustainable, and insufficient in meeting the majority of people’s needs.

The pandemic has highlighted the critical role of government and the necessity of solidarity, a collective approach in response. Never in our lifetime has the importance of strong public services, comprehensive social programs, and sufficient income support been made more apparent.

With a focus on engaging a national audience in critical political and economic debates in this uncertain and unprecedented time, the Broadbent Institute’s 2020 Digital Convening Program is facilitating shared learning, strengthening and building our networks across the country, and working to advance lasting and meaningful progressive policy.

To involve as many people, with differing backgrounds and experiences, as possible in these important discussions about our shared future, all series convenings are free to join.

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