The Very Way Cities Like Toronto Are Run Is Making Inequality Worse

An impersonal decision-making process excludes communities whose stories need to be heard.

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Why a Green New Deal Could Spark a Technological Revolution

The movement for a “Green New Deal” has taken off in the US and Canada. The idea takes inspiration from the American post-war economic mobilization and creation of a welfare state. The Green New Deal calls on us to solve the climate crisis and provide economic security, through a big, ambitious, and multifaceted policy approach.

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The power of geographic solidarity in winning fair economies

Solidarity has long been a standing principle of social justice advocates, but in the face of the current crisis of inequality and the concentration of power and money, solidarity is an essential ingredient of change. This was the message at a day-long workshop the Power Lab recently convened with a multitude of organizers, from public transit activists based in Scarborough to community benefits advocates based in Jane-Finch, on how to strengthen our collective fight for fair economies.

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One Year of Ford's Ontario