Unions, equality and democracy (Op-Ed)

12 July 2012, ipolitics.ca (Op-Ed)

Right-wing commentators like to claim that unions undermine good economic performance. But respected organizations such as the OECD, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have shown this isn’t so. They have recognized that unions promote more equitable societies, and that countries with strong unions have less extremes of rich and poor, stronger public services and social safety nets, without adversely affecting good economic performance.

So why are Conservatives in Ottawa and the provinces disturbingly adopting the anti-union rhetoric of the American right?



This day in history: July 7, 1975

9 July 2012, Vancouver Sun

[This day in history: July 7, 1975] Ed Broadbent was elected leader of the federal New Democratic Party, replacing David Lewis.


Omnibus bill exposes ‘pragmatic’ Stephen Harper as a radical (Op-Ed)


12 June 2012, Toronto Star (Op-Ed)

Stephen Harper is often portrayed by his supporters as a pragmatist, a man who simply wants to do what works. But the evidence suggests that the “major transformation” he promised at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January is aimed in a more radical direction.

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12 April 2012, Montreal Mirror

ANGEL: Canadian wealth-spreading Attention, mean-hearted, close-fisted Canadians (cough Stephen Harper cough): your miserliness is not approved of by your countrymen. At least, that’s according to the first-ever poll commissioned by the Ed Broadbent Institute.