Making progress in tough times: Lessons from 2018

In October, I had a moment with my eldest son that really brought home to me the angst that many progressive people were feeling throughout 2018.

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“Between Two Joints, You Could Get Up and Do Something”*

*Editor’s note: the original quote (“ent’deux joints tu pourrais faire qu’qu’chose, ent’deux joints tu pourrais t’grouiller l’cul”) is the refrain of a popular 1973 Robert Charlebois song, lyrics by Pierre Bourgault, entitled “Entr’ deux joints”.

According to Statistics Canada, the illegal cannabis industry was already generating 5.6 billion dollars in profits in 2017 and each Canadian was rolling the equivalent of 20 g of cannabis.

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2018 Year End Letter

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to reflect on the year that was and the year ahead. At the BROADBENT INSTITUTE, we continue to work our hearts out for progress right across this great country.

It’s been a long and wild political year in Canada. With elections from New Brunswick to British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec, and in the Prairies too, change has been a theme, but not all of the change has been positive.

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BC leads the way to a better future for people and planet

Maybe it was the months of smoke-filled skies or the flash floods following hard on the heels of long droughts. Or maybe it was mountainsides covered in beetle-killed trees or glaciers melting to slivers of ice. Whatever the reason, British Columbia has got the message when it comes to climate change.

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