March 2013

Proposing a green economic direction in the face of conservative confusion

In the lead-up to the 2013 budget it is worthwhile recalling the Conservatives’ economic record thus far. Faced with the 2008 economic bust, and a potential ouster from government, the Conservatives were eventually forced into providing “economic stimulus” after the Liberals rejected a coalition with the NDP.

Harper later championed...

It’s time for Ottawa to walk the talk on skills training

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty thinks the provinces are wasting $2-billion in federal funding to support worker training, and says skills training will be “a priority of the budget.”

While employers tend to exaggerate the real extent of skills and labour shortages, there is no doubt that dealing with the growing issue of “jobs without people” is of central importance.

We can all agree that it is incredibly wasteful in both...

Introducing our first Broadbent Fellow: Brendan Haley

At the Broadbent Institute, we’re working hard to develop cutting-edge ideas for a more equal Canada. At the core of this project, we need a robust discussion about the kind of Canada we want. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Brendan Haley as our first Broadbent Fellow.

The Broadbent Fellows are a cadre of policy experts who you’re going to be hearing from more often on key progressive issues. As an authority on natural resources and low-carbon economics, we are delighted to hear from Brendan how we can become better environmental stewards and move Canada towards a greener economy...