April 2013

Ed Broadbent testifies to the House of Commons Finance Committee on income inequality


Last September, the Broadbent Institute issued a major discussion paper Towards a More Equal Canada, which addressed the issue of rising economic inequality....

Union Communities, Healthy Communities: Canada won’t work without them

There’s no doubt that low-income people, especially children and their parents, are better off because of social unionism’s strong tradition in Canada. At all levels, unions take the lead in pressing for public policies such as decent minimum wages, fair labour practices and progressive public services that support families when they are in the labour force and when they are not.

Nearly 1 in 7 children still...

The union advantage: confronting the austerity and anti-union agendas

We are at a socio-economic and ecological crossroads with governments at every level pushing an austerity agenda. Yet, in this moment of financial, economic, social, and environmental crisis, with the socio-economic and ecological shocks being felt in communities, the last and most enduring institution that represents the interest of workers – the labour union – is under threat from powerful vested interests.

This is happening through the structural process of neo-liberalization of the economy and also through raw power politics. Neo-...