February 2014

Budget let-down: Canada's youth need much more

Recessions are always harder on young workers, but we are nearly five years out from the end of the last recession and there is still no recovery in sight for this important demographic.

Between October 2008 and January 2014, there was an increase of 100,000 unemployed young workers (15-29), so that there are now some 540, 000 unemployed. Even more startling, over 350,000 young workers left the labour force entirely over that same period.

It has been estimated that between 150,000 and 300,000 young workers participate in unpaid internships each year in Canada. Furthermore,...

Harper's unbalanced economic plan fails to help struggling Canadians

Budget sets the stage for income splitting, a costly and unfair tax giveaway

OTTAWA—Despite its commitment to eliminating the national deficit, Stephen Harper's 2014 budget denies Canadians the help they need to reduce inequality and create good jobs. The budget also prepares the way for the implementation of income splitting, a $3 billion tax giveaway that offers no help to the Canadians who need relief the most. 

With almost 1.5 million unemployed workers and a record 13% youth unemployment rate, Canadians need a government that...

Broadbent Institute reacts to January Labour Force Report

Statistics Canada released Friday Canada's January Labour Force numbers, showing Canada's job market remains mired in a weak recovery.

On the surface, the labour force numbers look alright. The national unemployment rate fell from 7.2% to 7.0%, and employment rose by 29,000, all in full-time employment.

However, the employment rate (the proportion of the working age population with a job) was unchanged at 61.6...