March 2014

Introducing the Leadership Fellows

The Broadbent Institute champions progressive change. Whether it’s our eagle-eyed (and sharp-tongued) colleagues at PressProgress publishing hard-hitting news and analysis, or our Policy Fellows producing creative and practical policy ideas, we lend our efforts every day to advance progressive issues.

But let’s face it – we also need more champions.

We need more leaders to join the advocates, campaigners, and organizers who work every day to realize this...

Canada falling behind on innovation

While we tend to celebrate private entrepreneurship, the state is crucially important in driving and shaping innovation. The question of which economies will thrive and which will lag behind on innovation has a lot to do with sound public policy.

With an economy historically reliant on natural resources and one with high rates of foreign ownership, the role government plays is even more important for Canada.

For 30 years Canadian economic policy has been focused on the supposed need to liberate private enterprise from the heavy hand of the


Echoes of Walkerton in Environment Canada cuts

Albert Einstein’s well-known definition of insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” is unsettlingly relevant to a new round of federal government cuts. The latest slashing of Environment Canada, which by 2016 will have half the budget it had in 2007, calls to mind a series of deep cuts to environmental protections in Ontario in the late 1990s. Some of the players are even the same, so they cannot reasonably claim to be ignorant of the tragic consequences.