April 2014

Kathleen Monk: we've built "a solid foundation" for progressive voices to be heard

As an idealistic young girl I always played the role of Ed Broadbent during our school yard political debates. Yes, that’s right, as a school girl I followed the 1984 campaign more closely than many of the double-dutch contests in my school yard. But that won’t surprise anyone who knows me well. 

Flash forward over two decades and that same idealistic girl, who believed passionately in what Ed Broadbent represented, was honoured to become the first employee of the Broadbent Institute. 

We met on a coffee shop patio in July 2011. I was filled


Rethinking the role of faith in Canada's progressive movement

The recent death of Fred Phelps, the infamous anti-gay activist and leader for many years of the independent Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, is perhaps an appropriate occasion to reflect on the damaging way the media reinforced and amplified an already misleading stereotype of what Christians in the public square are like. He provided a certain shock value for those who couldn’t resist the temptation to exploit him as a caricature of a relationship between faith and politics that they objected to. The fact that all...

IMF: oil exports aren’t so key to Canada’s economic future after all

We are told on a daily basis that approval of new pipelines to export oil and gas are central to Canada's economic future. But sober economic analysis suggests that these claims are rather exaggerated.

A recent International Monetary Fund study of energy development in Canada finds that further expansion of investment and exports would indeed be, on balance, an economic plus. But the report also shows that...