May 2014

Conservatives learn efficiency, not fossil fuels, the path to energy security

On May 1st, the Standing Committee on Natural Resources considered the issue of “Energy Security of Ukraine and the Rest of Europe”. Government MPs likely picked this topic because they were expecting the export of Canadian oil and gas to be the “solution” to Europe’s challenge.

What they learned, however, was unexpected. What was the most realistic way to promote energy security in the Ukraine and Europe? Energy efficiency!


On the passing of Lynn Williams

It was with great sadness that the board and staff of the Broadbent Institute learned of the passing of Lynn Williams, one of the most influential North American trade leaders of his generation. The Canadian and international labour movements lost one of their giants on May 4th.

Lynn was a lifelong Steelworker whose career began in 1947 at Toronto's USWA Local 2900 and included 11 years' service as the United Steelworkers' International President. With deep roots in both the Canadian and American labour movements, Lynn was notably the first person to serve on the executives of both...

Are we nearing "peak women"?

As is well-known, the proportion of women who are active in the paid work force has grown very rapidly since the 1970s, transforming the workplace and society as a whole in the process.  The rising participation rate of women was a major economic force over the past three decades in that it kept real family incomes afloat despite stagnant, if not falling, male wages.

The labour force participation rate of women aged 25 to 54 rose above 50% in the early 1970s, grew rapidly and reached 75% by 1990, and then rose more slowly to a peak of 82.5% last year in 2013. Over that same period,...