December 2014

Statement on the passage of Bill C-525

The Conservative government ended the 2014 Parliamentary session with another attack on Canada’s democratic institutions with Tuesday’s passage of Bill C-525 in the Senate.

The intention of the private member’s bill by backbench Conservative MP Blaine Calkins is to make it harder for workers in federally regulated workplaces to unionize and easier for a minority of workers to decertify unions.

With the full backing of Stephen Harper and the Conservative cabinet, the...

High household debt threatens recovery

The Bank of Canada has once again warned that high levels of household debt “present a significant risk to financial stability.” But rising consumer and mortgage debt remain major drivers of the economy. This is not as it should be.

In a textbook capitalist economy, growth should be led by investment. Credit financing of investment increases demand in the economy, while also raising productivity. This sets the stage for higher wages, higher levels of consumer spending, and further...

Polluter-pay policy: a debate worth having

Earlier this week, Andrew Jackson, senior policy advisor to the Broadbent Institute, wrote a thoughtful and constructively critical analysis of the Ecofiscal Commission’s first report.  My first response is: thank you, Andrew.  Jackson’s piece...