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Andrew Coyne, income splitting, and the child care blindspot

Columnist Andrew Coyne is a huge fan of the Conservative government's new income splitting proposal. It's in the interest of fairness, you see.  Single-earner couples, so his logic goes, aren't getting a fair shake in being taxed more than their dual-earner couple counterparts with the same total income.

By now, however, we are familiar with some of the patently unfair aspects of the Conservative scheme. There's the fact that the tax giveaway...

First-of-its-Kind Voter Turnout Campaign Engages Local Food Establishment

Feed Democracy launched to increase voter turnout in municipal elections

VANCOUVER—The Broadbent Institute, supported by Vancity and in partnership with FarmFolk CityFolk and other community-based organizations, today launched a campaign to encourage voter turnout in the municipal election throughout Metro Vancouver. ...

The evolution of Canada's child care debates

Canadians have long grappled with the meanings and purposes of child care.

As Canadians gather for ChildCare2020 -- the country's fourth national child care policy conference -- in Winnipeg on November 13, it’s worthwhile to reflect on how child care debates have unfolded over the past several decades, and particularly how the three previous national conferences -- in 1971, 1982, and 2004 -- acted as important landmarks in the sometimes-rocky landscape of Canadian child care history.

As is the case this year in Winnipeg, all three of...