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Fossil fuel incumbents and the case for green subsidies

If it is to transition to a green economy, Canada must end the continued subsidization of fossil fuels. These subsidies come at the expense of the public purse and favour the development of carbon-intensive energy options over cleaner, low-carbon options such as wind, solar and biomass more deserving of public funds.

major international study recently concluded that globally, governments spend over $600 billion per year in direct and indirect subsidies to the...

Class warfare in the sandbox?

No doubt about it — the federal NDP has moved childcare front and centre. 

Reaction to the party’s childcare proposal elicited a wide range of responses. The Twittersphere and traditional media exploded after Tom Mulcair’s press conference last week as fans and foes of a universal, affordable, national childcare system debated whether such a system is needed or wanted — and whose responsibility childcare is anyway? 

Perhaps most interesting was...

Public investment can boost growth and reduce public debt

With the federal budget set to return to balance this fiscal year, we can once again debate how to deal with future surpluses. Priority could be given to paying down the debt, cutting taxes, or re-investing in public services and social programs.

These options should be judged on how much they contribute to a stronger economy as well as a fairer and more inclusive society.

The Conservative fiscal plan, to be enshrined in promised balanced budget legislation, is to continue to run small surpluses while cutting taxes.

Finance Minister Joe Oliver...