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Government policies have widened Canada’s income gap

The fact that income inequality in Canada today is significantly greater than it was 30 years ago is not in serious dispute. But there is much less agreement on the underlying causes.

It is important to look at trends in the “pre-distribution” of income by the market in the form of wages and salaries, and changes in the impact of government taxes and income transfer programs that redistribute market income from the more affluent to the less affluent.

Economists tend to emphasize the former, seeing inequality as mainly rooted in changes in the labour market and in the returns...

The other costly tax break for the rich

This article originally appeared in the Globe & Mail.

The Conservative Party’s 2011 election platform titled “Stephen Harper’s Low-Tax Plan” promised a bountiful menu of tax goodies. The government has delivered appetizers such as the Children’s Art Tax Credit and the Family Caregiver Tax...

Tim Hudak’s jobs plan would kill green jobs

It’s no secret that Ontario needs to create jobs. Our unemployment rate is too high. But it’s very strange to suggest that job creation can be accomplished by killing jobs that people actually have today. And yet, that is exactly what Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak proposed in his jobs plan, which he tabled in the legislature last week.

In addition to some drastic cuts to public sector jobs, Hudak’s pledge to end subsidies to wind and