Board of Directors

Valérie Plante, Director

Valérie Plante settled in Montreal 20 years ago as she started her Bachelor in Anthropology, and stayed in her adopted hometown as she completed a Master's in Museology and a Certificate in Multiethnic Intervention.

Since then, the passionate cyclist has worked as project coordinator and communications coordinator in cultural, community and unionized sectors. She has worked within various communities, notably in Latin America where her interest in social justice, fighting against poverty and citizen participation greatly increased. Her professional and activist involvement with various Montreal organisations has also allowed here to keep on working with the citizens on the terrain. Notably, she accompanied immigrant women victims of conjugal violence throughout the judicial process, gave self-defence classes to children and women, and organised training programs for young immigrant and Indigenous women throughout the country.

Ms. Plante also sat on various boards such as the Groupe Femmes Politique et Démocratie. The mother of two young boys joined Projet Montréal to emphasize the metropolis’ unique character by honouring its cultural, linguistic and historical richness. For her, citizens need to be able to rely on a team that aims to fulfill the full economical and social potential of their city. Since her election to Montreal City Council, Valérie was named Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition, is Vice President of the Presidency Committee, sits on the Inspector-General Committee, and is Projet Montréal’s Downtown and Tourism Critic.