2015 election

Progressives united, but who gets their vote?

Tim Harper / Toronto Star

The good news for the body politic in this country is that it is now flying on two wings.

The left side of the political brain has caught up to the right of the political brain and it only took a couple of years.

But realpolitik hovered as workers, thinkers and activists of the left gathered here on the weekend at the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit.

It had been only a couple of weeks since a group of workers,...

A wizard of U.S. politics tells Canadian progressives how to win

Jenny Uechi / Vancouver Observer

The founder of the U.S. Working Families Party made no bones about his opinion of Canada's Prime Minister during a visit in Vancouver on Sunday. 

“This guy Harper is a menace,” he said, speaking to reporters after an event by the Broadbent Institute, a progressive think tank.

“I don’t know if he can, but if he can be defeated, that would be good for all of us....[Harper] would fit in well in the right-wing of the Republican Party...

Costly and unfair: Stephen Harper's income-splitting scheme

During the last federal election, Stephen Harper promised that his Conservative government would introduce a new way to tax families with children after balancing the federal budget.

We are likely to hear a lot more about the merits of Harper's 'income-splitting' proposal before the 2015 election. The Conservatives continue to slash spending and erode public services precisely in order to create the fiscal room for this promised tax cut. Never mind that Mr. Harper’s aggressive agenda of tax cuts has already...

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