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Omnibus bill exposes ‘pragmatic’ Stephen Harper as a radical (Op-Ed)

12 June 2012, Toronto Star (Op-Ed)

Stephen Harper is often portrayed by his supporters as a pragmatist, a man who simply wants to do what works. But the evidence suggests that the “major transformation” he promised at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January is aimed in a more radical direction.

Instead of measures aimed at producing more above-the-poverty-line jobs for the unemployed and directly attacking stagnant wages for middle class Canadians, the massive omnibus bill before Parliament has a more narrowly conservative intent. Instead of providing hope, its measures...


12 April 2012, Montreal Mirror

ANGEL: Canadian wealth-spreading Attention, mean-hearted, close-fisted Canadians (cough Stephen Harper cough): your miserliness is not approved of by your countrymen. At least, that’s according to the first-ever poll commissioned by the Ed Broadbent Institute.


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