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Meet the Broadbent Fellows

Though it’s true that political and policy debates can get wild and woolly, here at the Broadbent Institute we believe that always grounding arguments in the best available facts is of paramount importance.

So it’s with considerable pride that today the Institute unveils the Broadbent Fellows — a diverse, multidisciplinary group of distinguished scholars, policy experts, and leaders from Canadian civil society who will inform the Institute’s research and policy agenda.  Fellows will contribute their expertise to further...

Introducing our first Broadbent Fellow: Brendan Haley

At the Broadbent Institute, we’re working hard to develop cutting-edge ideas for a more equal Canada. At the core of this project, we need a robust discussion about the kind of Canada we want. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Brendan Haley as our first Broadbent Fellow.

The Broadbent Fellows are a cadre of policy experts who you’re going to be hearing from more often on key progressive issues. As an authority on natural resources and low-carbon economics, we are delighted to hear from Brendan how we can become better environmental stewards and move Canada towards a greener economy...

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