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Kathleen Monk: we've built "a solid foundation" for progressive voices to be heard

As an idealistic young girl I always played the role of Ed Broadbent during our school yard political debates. Yes, that’s right, as a school girl I followed the 1984 campaign more closely than many of the double-dutch contests in my school yard. But that won’t surprise anyone who knows me well. 

Flash forward over two decades and that same idealistic girl, who believed passionately in what Ed Broadbent represented, was honoured to become the first employee of the Broadbent Institute. 

We met on a coffee shop patio in July 2011. I was filled


Broadbent Institute praises founding Executive Director Kathleen Monk

Broadbent Institute names Ms. Monk Honourary Board Member

OTTAWA—In recognition of her outstanding service as founding Executive Director and Senior Advisor, the Broadbent Institute is pleased to name Kathleen Monk as its first Honourary Board Member.

The Institute made the appointment as Ms. Monk announced her plans to pursue other professional opportunities in April. In her role as an Honourary Board Member, she will continue to advise the Institute.

“When we started the Broadbent Institute in 2011, we had ambitious goals. As...

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