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Canada's jobless youth: Think-tank pushes plan to create 186,000 'guaranteed' positions

Jesse Tahirali / CTV National News

With youth unemployment well above the national average, exams might not be the only thing keeping young Canadians up at night.

But one think-tank wants to ease the extracurricular stress students face by trying to guarantee availability of 186,000 jobs for those making...

Profiting from the precarious: new report details recruitment abuse of migrant workers

As scandals about abuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program break with increasing regularity, the spotlight still overlooks the exploitation that workers face just to get jobs under that program.

A new report from the Metcalf Foundation reveals that migrant workers regularly pay thousands of dollars in recruiting fees — equal to as much as two to three years’ wages in their home currency — to work in minimum wage jobs in Ontario. 

To pay the fees, workers must borrow from recruiters and informal money lenders.  They sign over the...

Falling participation rate a sign of a soft job market

A close look at today's labour force numbers indicates that fewer Canadians in all age groups are either working or are unemployed and actively seeking work.

While it is influenced by demographic trends such as an aging population, a falling participation rate is generally a sign that people have given up looking for jobs due to a low level of hiring by employers.

The overall participation rate in March was 66.2%, well down from 66.6% in March, 2013.

This very significant decline was mainly experienced among so-called core age workers age 25 to 54. For men in this age...

Why Canada needs a conversation about fair wages

To mark the launch of ‘Inequality and the Fading of Redistributive Politics’, a seminal new edited volume on inequality in Canada, the Broadbent Institute is featuring a series of posts from the book’s contributors. Today, we present a piece from economist and Broadbent Fellow David Green.

In the mid-1990s, Canada went through a policy paradigm shift, one that had far-reaching implications for the employment opportunities and wages of Canadian workers.

A prolonged period of...
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