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Medicare in distress and near 'tipping point,' Roy Romanow says

Mark Kennedy / Ottawa Citizen

Former Saskatchewan premier Roy Romanow, who led a federal inquiry into medicare more than a decade ago, says the public health care system is deteriorating and close to a “tipping point.”

In an interview with the Citizen, Romanow called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government to adopt a more activist federal approach to health care, including working to create a national pharmacare scheme. Romanow also urged Harper’s government...

Canada’s largest annual progressive politics conference kicks off tomorrow


Sold out #prgrs15 bringing together leading thinkers, policy experts and organizers in key election year

OTTAWA—Media are invited to Progress Summit 2015 from March 26...

Only one week left until Canada’s largest annual progressive politics conference

OTTAWA—Media are invited to Progress Summit 2015 from March 26 to 28, when 800 participants are coming together during this crucial election year to tackle the big issues facing the country and help shape the future of Canada’s progressive movement.

Progress Summit 2015

Delta Ottawa City Centre, 101 Lyon St N. 

March 26 (leadership training, followed by Welcome Reception)
March 27 and 28 (two days of programming)


  • Keynote
  • ...

Broadbent Institute to host Canada’s largest annual progressive politics conference

OTTAWA—During this key election year and on the eve of the tabling of the federal budget, the Broadbent Institute is convening the largest annual progressive politics event for leading thinkers, policy experts and organizers.

“This is a crucial time for Canada and the right moment to bring the progressive movement together as we head into a federal election,” said Institute Chair Ed Broadbent. “From income inequality to innovation, we’ll be debating the big issues of the day and advancing solutions to build a better Canada.”

Progress Summit 2015, from March 26 to 28 at the...

Introducing the Jack Layton and Charles Taylor Awards

Every day across this vast country of ours, groups of people get organized and work together to make their neighbourhood, city, province and nation a better place.

Often invisible and unheralded, these efforts are actually the wellspring of social progress.  As anthropologist Margaret Mead notes in her well-loved quotation, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”  

The group striving to establish a park along a threatened river; the young person driven to run for public office for the...

Broadbent Institute welcomes accomplished Canadians to expanded Board of Directors

Agenda during election year includes biggest gathering of progressive minds at Progress Summit 2015

OTTAWA—Ed Broadbent, Chair of the Broadbent Institute, is pleased to welcome noted leaders from across the country to the Institute’s Board of Directors to help shape the organization’s growing research and training agenda.

The new Board members are:

  • Patti Bacchus, Vancouver School Board (VSB) Trustee who served as Chair of the VSB for six years.
  • Michelle Beveridge, a communications and campaign consultant based in Saskatoon.
  • ...

A way forward for Canada's progressives

The end of March marked an important moment for Canada’s progressive movement.

Between March 28 and 30, more than 600 Canadians from across the country converged in Ottawa to take part in the Broadbent Institute’s inaugural policy conference, the Progress Summit.

I’ve never seen assembled in one place such a diverse group of progressives, young and old – francophones, anglophones and allophones; Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals; environmentalists, trade unionists, social


Rethinking the role of faith in Canada's progressive movement

The recent death of Fred Phelps, the infamous anti-gay activist and leader for many years of the independent Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, is perhaps an appropriate occasion to reflect on the damaging way the media reinforced and amplified an already misleading stereotype of what Christians in the public square are like. He provided a certain shock value for those who couldn’t resist the temptation to exploit him as a caricature of a relationship between faith and politics that they objected to. The fact that all...

Maclean's: which way forward for progressives?

Aaron Wherry / Maclean's

At one point last Saturday afternoon in the main ballroom of the Delta hotel in downtown Ottawa, epicentre for the Broadbent Institute’s first annual Progress Summit, Alex Himelfarb, a former clerk of the privy council and now co-editor of a book entitled Tax Is Not a...

The power of social media in the gay rights movement

The importance of the recent sea change in American public opinion on marriage equality is likely lost on many Canadians.

Canada has been on the cutting edge of marriage equality and a leader in protecting the fundamental rights of the LGBT community. Now 10 years since marriage equality was legalized here, the tide is turning in America.

Achieving marriage equality, however, is far from some panacea for the LGBT movement whether in Canada, the U.S. or elsewhere. The fact is, there is little room to pat ourselves on the back and become



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