Petition: Justin Trudeau, listen to Canadians and bring in a proportional voting system

The Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform has tabled its final report. We're really encouraged that the Majority Report recommends a system of proportional system with local representation for Canada, and provides a road map for the Liberal government to get the job done.

Unfortunately, the Liberal MPs on the committee filed a Supplemental Report that goes out of its way to recommend their own government break their own clear, calling a proportional representation system a "radical" idea.

So we need to keep the pressure on! Let's show Minister Monsef and Prime Minister Trudeau that Canadians want them to bring in a proportional voting system.




Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Monsef,

I am calling on you to honour your commitment to make the 2015 federal election the last one using the outdated first-past-the-post voting system.

Repeatedly during the 2015 election and after you were elected, you promised that 2015 would be the last election held under our current broken system. Nine million votes were wasted during that election; that's nine million voters whose preferences were not reflected in Parliament. When Minister Monsef launched the Parliamentary Committee on Electoral Reform, you called our current system "antiquated" and "not designed to operate within our multi-party democracy."

But recently, with the Electoral Reform Committee entering final deliberations, Prime Minister Trudeau told Le Devoir that significant electoral reform may no longer be coming.

Canadians have waited too long for an opportunity to have their votes represented fairly and equally in Parliament. This is bigger than any individual party or politician.  Please do what is right for Canada. Keep your promise to bring in electoral reform.

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