FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New poll: Canadians support major progressive reforms; want Trudeau government to stand up to Trump; want greater economic equality



OTTAWA — Today, exclusive new polling from Stratcom, commissioned by the Broadbent Institute, looking at Canadian opinion on economic security and levels of support for progressive policy measures was presented to hundreds of attendees at the sold-out Progress Summit 2017: Change the Game. The Broadbent Institute commissioned Stratcom to research current political attitudes among Canadians on issues of inequality and economic security, and in relation to the Trump presidency.

According to the poll results, Canadians largely blame government inaction, on tax policy in particular, for inequality in Canada today and show broad support for investments in national child care, Pharmacare and other more generous income assistance programs

Over 82% believe that the gap between the wealthy and everyone else is increasing, and see that as a big concern. A tax system that benefits richer Canadians, government policies that support big business, and too much power in hands of big banks were identified as key reasons for the growth of inequality. Over 80% support closing tax loopholes and cutting down on tax shelters, and introducing a new tax bracket for high income earners.

“Canadians clearly want to see action from our government to address growing economic insecurity, regardless of the future of US tax policies,” said Broadbent Institute Executive Director Rick Smith. “But instead of the Liberals honouring their campaign promise to eliminate tax loopholes, we saw a budget that supports rather than challenges the status quo.”

Canadians overall are pessimistic and worried about the effect of Trump on Canada. Just over half of those polled were not pleased with the job that the Prime Minister is doing in dealing with US President Donald Trump. Less than 30% thought that the Prime Minister should support Trump on issues like immigration, climate change, and trade, including renegotiating the terms of NAFTA.

“Canadians are feeling the impacts of increasing inequality and want to see the government address the cost of living and the growing gap between the rich and everyone else,” said Stratcom President & CEO Bob Penner. “They are worried about Trump, and how good a job the government will do standing up to him. While Trudeau remains popular, our polling shows there are chinks in that armour, and growing income inequality and how the government deals with the U.S. President are two of them.”

The poll (n=2019) was fielded online in French and English from March 15-17, 2017. Data was weighted by 2011 census on gender, age, education, and region. While margin of error does not apply to online methodologies, a probability sample of this size would be +/- 2.2, 19 times out 20.

The full polling presentation can be viewed here:


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