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As a non-profit organization, we rely solely upon the support of people like you: progressive individuals & organizations who believe in the need for a strong Canadian democracy.

Note: Due to our political work, the Broadbent Institute is not a registered charity. We are unable to provide donors with charitable receipts.

The Friends of Progress are the Broadbent Institute’s strongest supporters. 

These monthly contributors generously help us budget for the work required to challenge conservative arguments with fact based research and promote progressive ideas with a national advocacy strategy.

At a time when the conservative movement is becoming more extreme and positioning itself to once again threaten the social fabric of our communities, we must ensure that we are prepared for the challenges ahead!

We cannot allow Trump-style, self-serving politicians to run for the highest office in our country without a fight. We’ve got to stand up and say NO to the xenophobic and divisive politics of fear.

Becoming a Friend of Progress with a monthly contribution will ensure we can develop and promote new progressive policy ideas, protect our hard fought victories, and fight far-right political influence.

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