Friends of Progress

“It is clear that just as the forces of inequality are unrelenting, so must be our resolve to fight back!”

-Ed Broadbent, June 2020

In the coming months we must be diligent. We must actively reject calls for austerity. We should instead champion effective government, and the equitable tax reform that makes it possible.

As individual citizens we have limited means to advance progressive political ideas and hold the powerful to account. However, one major tool we do have is the work of the Broadbent Institute with its many publications, tools, resources, and projects for engagement. 

The Institute was designed and built to give power back to individuals like us.

We are better off with a Broadbent Institute that champions progressive policy, holds the powerful to account, and gives power back to individual citizens.

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As a non-profit organization, we rely solely upon the support of people like you: progressive individuals & organizations who believe in the need for a strong Canadian democracy.

Note: Due to our political work, the Broadbent Institute is not a registered charity. We are unable to provide donors with charitable receipts.