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Introducing the Leadership Fellows


The Broadbent Institute champions progressive change. Whether it’s our eagle-eyed (and sharp-tongued) colleagues at PressProgress publishing hard-hitting news and analysis, or our Policy Fellows producing creative and practical policy ideas, we lend our efforts every day to advance progressive issues.

But let’s face it – we also need more champions.

We need more leaders to join the advocates, campaigners, and organizers who work every day to realize this country’s potential by fighting for fairness, equality, our environment, and a host of other challenges our country faces. And if we want those champions to be successful, we need to equip them with the best and latest strategies and tactics.

That’s why supporting the development of a new generation of leaders across the country is at the core of the Broadbent Institute’s mission.

A large and growing number of these progressive champions and change-makers have already taken part in our training sessions, which have been developed in partnership with, and delivered by, some of the best campaigners in the world.

And now, we are proud to announce our inaugural Leadership Fellows. This talented and diverse group of 17 leaders from across the country have agreed to share their expertise and experiences with the next cohort of progressive Canadian leaders.

The Broadbent Institute’s Leadership Fellows are campaign managers, strategists, tacticians, communicators, innovators, pollsters, public servants, and much more. They have helped elect Progressive Conservatives, Greens, Liberals, New Democrats, and independents at all levels of government. And their work on a variety of issues has, both individually and collectively, made this country a better place.

Some of these Leadership Fellows will be sharing their insights with participants at our upcoming Progress Summit. Others will be contributing resources and insight to the Broadbent Institute blog or helping to design and deliver training programs. Together, they will strengthen the Institute’s ability to support the growth of the progressive movement in Canada.

Not to be outdone, the Policy Fellows continue to thrive and grow. Our Leadership Fellows are joined by five new policy experts who join our already impressive roster of leading academics and policy experts. View their bios and areas of expertise here.