Defend our health care.

A years-long march toward an underfunded and overstretched health care system is at a crossroads. Conservative think tanks and lobbyists are weaponizing the Emergency Room crisis across the country to push their agenda to privatize our healthcare system. We need a better health care workforce. And better means a full workforce that is able to pay for their groceries and get to work without risking burnout.

Making sure everyone has access to the care they need has been a part of our national story. We have an opportunity now to improve and expand that system to meet the needs of our communities in the 21st century. We can’t let conservative think-tanks and lobbyists take us away from that.

Together, we need to make sure our leaders know that protecting and expanding public health care matters to all of us—and it’s something we’re fighting for.

Join us as we campaign to defend our public health care system from the threats of privatization


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