Executive Director Jen Hassum On the Institute Turning 10


The Broadbent Institute is marking 10 years of our work—an opportunity to reflect on a decade of progressive leadership and to imagine a different kind of future.

The pandemic has illuminated the myriad ways in which the culture of scarcity is not working. From the massive uptick in food bank lines to the number of tenants in arrears, these are indicators that our and social and economic infrastructure are not serving people. That, while economic figures are showing signs of recovery, typical Canadians are still struggling, and those who are getting by are fearful of the future and are looking for help.

At this moment, like no other in my lifetime, social-democratic ideas, and ways of organizing, can show us the path to a future in which we live with abundance. This is true both in how we can bind ourselves together in a common goal, and how to pool our collective resources to respond to this moment and rebuild our economy.

Our road map to a stable economy and a healthy society can be found in the Broadbent Principles. This year, we committed to advancing social democratic values in Canada through the codification of six pillars that will guide our ongoing work. We believe that to resolve the crises we face—unequal economic outcomes, wealth inequality, racism and discrimination, climate change and environmental degradation and declining democratic participation—we require an activist public sector and a strong civil society where typical Canadians are empowered to have a voice.

As the connective tissue between political structures, labour unions and grassroots, social-justice movements, we see our role as supportive, leading from behind. Policy, media, training and convening are our tools, and our organization aims to amplify research and good ideas and connect people to the training and tools they need to build a more just world.

Broadbenters are people who are capable of doing big things. The Broadbent Institute is the intellectual home to so many passionate funders, staff, board members, fellows and friends who have the moral courage to speak up and take action. Looking back at what we’ve accomplished together over ten years, I am filled with hope about what the next ten years has in store.

In my first year as Executive Director, I am determined to match our hopes with real action and to lead the Broadbent Institute in becoming a stronger organization and help people secure the wins that they need now.

Yours in solidarity,
Jen Hassum,

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