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So much for an independent public service


This screen grab taken from the Canada Revenue Agency website today promotes a post describing how the "Harper Government's Low-Tax Plan Benefits Canadian Families". It is part of a disturbing pattern of behavior.

The Conservatives have made a habit of using "Harper Government" branding in news releases, and International Development Minister Julian Fantino was even forced to remove partisan editorials posted to the CIDA website. The Conservatives have also spent millions of tax payer dollars promoting their dubious economic action plan, altered the Environment Canada weather website to downplay the environment and promote that same economic action plan, and even gave a military airplane a $50,000 tax-dollar-funded paint job in Conservative colours.

One hallmark of a mature democracy is the independence of the civil service from any sitting government. Which is what makes the effort to blur the lines between the Government of Canada and the 'Harper Government' so disconcerting.

Source: Canada Revenue Agency website; accessed at 2:16 p.m. EST on 11 July 2013.