Kapil Khatter

Expertise: Public health, Healthy Eating, Environmental Health, Marketing to Children

Kapil Khatter is a bilingual family physician and public health policy expert at the University of Ottawa, specializing in healthy food environments and environmental toxins.
In addressing the determinants of health, he focuses on the negative impacts of commercial interests on our well-being, and is currently working to reduce food marketing to children, encourage healthier restaurants and food retail, and generally make food environments more supportive of health.
Recipient of the Nicole Bruinsma Memorial Award for Environmental Leadership, and the College of Family Physicians of Canada Environmental Health Award, he has lobbied for environmental organizations, represented Canada in international environmental negotiations, and has been a frequent media contributor.
Dr. Khatter was formerly executive director of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, assistant director of the National Anti-Poverty Organization, and Pollution Policy Advisor for Environmental Defence. He has a health psychology degree, a masters in environmental studies, and medical training from McGill University.