Katrina Miller

Katrina Miller is the Program Director for the Broadbent Institute, driving the Institute’s policy, campaign and communications work to build the progressive landscape in Canada.

She has over 17 years of experience as a communications and public policy strategist working with a wide array of labour, community, and other non-government organizations to promote progressive social policy. She seeks to share knowledge through training activists in communications tactics and facilitating campaign and strategic planning.

Posts & Activities by Katrina Miller

  • Canada’s economic competitiveness lies in an equitable and low carbon future

    There has been plenty of fear mongering that Canada must follow U.S. President Trump’s corporate tax cut agenda or face economic devastation. Yet many of the experts, often those not working for corporate interests, agree on two things: there is no assurance and much skepticism that the broad cuts will lead to significantly greater economic competitiveness for the U.S in the long-term1,2; and, there are much more effective levers to generate a competitive advantage for the Canadian economy than tax cuts3.

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